Mette’s Tips for Creating workjoy™@home

I think, truly, we are living in a history textbook these days. I have been amazed at how well so many have been able to transition productively to a work-from-home (WFH) environment; temporarily at least! We may finally be seeing “the end of WFH prejudice”1 and a paradigm shift that will eventually bring more work-life balance.

In the video, we are sharing a simple 7-step formula for those with enough space at home for a dedicated home office.

Here we’re hoping to help the MANY still grappling with creating a workspace at home not just to maintain their sanity but to thrive and gain inspiration while being productive at home. Homes are not designed to be workspaces and we know not everyone can carve out a dedicated space for work within their home. Stay tuned for a follow up video on creating space and workjoy™@home when, like most, a workspace cannot be separated from personal space.

On a broader note, there are some challenges and speed bumps ahead of us all and the data available is sparse on the long-term health and productivity of our WFH staff. The office btw is by no means dead despite some obituaries in the media. As we all strive to some extent to retain a more flexible work life in the months and years ahead, we’re excited to be launching our workjoy™ program in addressing the acute need for organizations big and small to address a more flexible approach to workspace.

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