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MetteSpace offices
MetteSpace offices
MetteSpace offices

Simple. Functional. Beautiful. Human-Centred Architecture & Design.

It’s in our DNA and in our Danish roots.

We have pioneered the integration of modern architecture and design with Danish arbejdsglæde (at large scale in workspaces and institutions), and hygge (in homes and cottages).

Our modernhygge™ program for homes and cottages will inspire you to live authentically and sustainably with comfort, ease and natural beauty. 

Our workjoy™ program seamlessly integrates office, home, and remote workspaces with design, products, and services to ensure your staff thrive and are inspired to do their best work wherever they are.

arbejdsglæde -
\ arh-byts-glae-the \ - "work joy"
hygge -
\ huge-guh \ - "coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment"

Mette Johansen

MetteSpace Founder

For over a decade, Mette has been teaching North Americans about “Arbejdsglade” (translated as work-joy) and “Hygge” (translated as cozy, warm, friendly,…). These concepts are embedded into culture in her native Denmark and for Mette, they are naturally integrated into the design of physical space whether at home or at work. Using a unique synthesis of the traditional Danish design principles (Function, Simplicity, Beauty) and focusing on human wellness, Mette creates physical spaces in which real people thrive and flourish.

Mette is frequently featured in the media, including Toronto Life, The Globe and Mail, Financial Post, HR Professional, Canadian Interiors, Canadian Business, and on CBC Radio among many others. She is best known for her human-centric approach to the design of physical space.

Mette Johansen - Founder

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