Smart homes are happy homes! modernhygge™

I was interviewed recently by the marketing department from a company here in Toronto that I really admire and is one of Canada’s really wonderful success stories. Ecobee. Check out their blog where I offer 7 easy ways to set up your home for happiness.

Known for their smart thermostats globally, they started out here in Toronto with the dream of creating smart, healthy and more sustainable home environments. And they have become a world leader in doing just that. We share a common ethos with Ecobee and so when they invited me to be interviewed I was truly thrilled. Our mission of creating healthy and happy homes with our modernhygge™ program always includes consideration of new smart technology and innovation as we are striving for net zero emissions and sustainable living. Ecobee checks all the boxes for me with inherent Danish design principles of Function, Simplicity and Beauty. Our clients have been consistently impressed and I’m looking forward to more as they continue to develop and extend their technology product suite from thermostats to home monitoring and beyond in holistic support of truly smart living. 

Check out the Ecobee blog to get my 7 easy steps and introduce yourself to a Toronto based global leader!