Healthy & Ergonomic WFH Environments

This is a partial re-post of a campaign we had initiated pre-COVID but as many of us recognize and accept that working from home or remotely will be an ongoing and longer term part of our work life reality, we thought it would be a good time to remind everyone to at least do the easy/simple things to stay healthy and look after your emotional, physical and mental health.

As expected, we are starting to encounter some WFH burnout. This is a natural consequence of human nature when confronted with ongoing isolation and the difficulty in separating work from life and vice-versa over the longer term. Given we, in the Great White North, are headed indoors again for some months to come it’s really important that we all keep the dialogue going regarding health at home.

These are the ‘top of the list’ things to think about not only when setting up your work from home environment, but habits to get into while continuing to work remotely. Don’t be lured into underestimating the challenge. To be successful working remotely, we recommend the following as a minimum. If you are already doing all of these things and still feeling like WFH has turned into an insufferable and overwhelming challenge then it’s time to reach out to your employer for help. 

Or, and as always, if you have any questions or would like to share your experience in WFH please just contact us by email at We’d love to hear from you and offer our thoughts regarding any specifics that you are dealing with . Happy workday!