From Dark to Light… Bring Life

As we all, I think, are feeling a little bit more freedom in our lives these days, enjoying the beautiful Canadian summer days, hopefully taking some vacation, and begin to enjoy some semblance of social interaction in sharing a meal with a friend at a recently reopened local restaurant or similar, our moods and minds have hopefully lightened since the dark days of March and April.

While I for one, recognize we are not out of the tunnel quite yet and that the tunnel is longer than I had originally hoped for certainly, I did start thinking about the “light”…  and so I thought I’d share some design visuals to help any of you that are thinking about how to bring life to indoor space as the fall months approach and we begin possibly to consider moving inside and/or back to an office space that has been standing empty for some time. Well designed lighting solutions can literally reduce the darkness and create life in space. 

Lighting design, for any space whether commercial offices, residential/homes, home offices, educational institutions or whatever, is often overlooked and can really be the key to creating inspiring spaces for living and working. Check out these visuals and hopefully get inspired to bring light into your tunnel.