Tribe Stories

tribe – \ ˈtrīb\ – clan, family, folks, house, kin, kindred, kinfolk, people

We are grateful and proud to work with so many new generation leaders whose values of innovation and drive align with our own and have come to think of them as our community, our tribe.

We’ve asked several principals to share their MetteSpace journey. Click through to see and hear their stories.

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What makes a MetteSpace Tribe Partner?

There’s no such thing as “typical” when it comes to our tribe, yet all our members share these traits and values:

1 They are dynamic and performance-driven.

Sustainable workplace planning is not just about square feet per person, open concept, and ergonomics. How does your team collaborate? Is there ample space for deep thinking and/or focused work? Do people naturally flow in their daily routines and do they really feel good about being where they are and where the team is going? These are not questions directly related to the physical environment, but the environment must reinforce and consistently nudge the humans to thrive in their performances.

2 They need to attract and sustain top talent in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

Millennials make job decisions differently than the previous generations1. They aren’t easily seduced by money alone, and instead look at the overall impact a job will have on their lifestyle. An inspiring workplace culture, common values, shared big hairy audacious goals, and a comfortable, beautiful office space are the main draws for the tech, financial, and engineering talent.

3 They are disruptors and innovators in their industry.

Our partners’ performance and success are innovation-driven. It’s this innovation that propels them forward in their business, and the same creative thinking leads them to work with us, because we are also innovators in our field. A beer fridge isn’t enough. Height-adjustable desks are not enough. The balance throughout and a holistic view of the physical environment set a stage for human performance.

4 They know that employee energy, engagement, and enthusiasm are essential business assets.

These intangibles translate into higher productivity and very real increased profits, as proven by numerous independent studies2-5 and by the positive ROI on our total design-build solutions.

5 Time, money, and results.

The process can be a distraction from performing. Our partners recognize the inconvenience and cost of creating a home, in both time and money. Our program, based on years of experience, helps to balance uncompromising results with the time and budget constraints. Like with all homes, these are unique to each and we respect that. Our program minimizes pain, maximizes value, and gets you into your new or upgraded home in the context that is right for you.

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